Community Engagment Meet Up

Live @ Five

Presenting a Free, Hosted, Community Engagement Space for casual catch up and sharing. This is not a live teaching environment, but some recording may occur to capture Q&A of value to our wider community. We would ask our community to come in kindness and share with respect.

Jon & Lora, at the Irish Pagan School

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Topic: Live @ Five - Hosted Community Space

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Check out what our community has to say about us:

"Great teachers who know their stuff. Lots of resources provided, many at no cost. Very engaging classes. I have now completed about half of the offered classes. Many have multiple updates and new materials. So much great information!" - Jenna McGeoghegan

"Wonderful course material, very knowledgeable people, and solid, reliable information. One of the best resources out there on anything related to Irish paganism." - Morgan Daimler

"Finally, a place to learn pagan practices that are modern, relevant, and well researched. This school honors the past, lives in the present and preps you for the future. It is not a guess work reconstruction of ancient beleifs based on someone's intuition, but rather a living working practice built on the lore we still have available today." - Mirinda Davis

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Presented by

Lora & Jon

June 18, 2020
5:00pm Greenwich Mean Time

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